Clothing Bank

WEN maintains a Professional Clothing Bank of donated professional attire for our graduates. Please remember the following guidelines when making a clothing donation.

Donation Guidelines

Spring and summer clothing is accepted April–September, and fall and winter clothing during October–March.

  • Clothing must be in the current season and no more than three years old.
  • All clothing items must be delivered clean, pressed and on hangers (so that a woman can proudly wear your donated items to an interview tomorrow).
  • We can only accept professional clothing that is suitable for a job interview (e.g., suits, blazers, blouses, dress slacks).
  • Clothing in boxes and bags will not be accepted.
  • WEN also accepts professional shoes, purses and modest accessories that are in excellent condition.

Donation Times

Due to the street car route on Main Street, please contact us to schedule an appointment for your clothing donations.

Call Audrey at (816) 595 -2398.

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