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Financial Coaching and Credit Building

To support women in achieving greater economic stability, Financial Coaching and Credit Building is a key part of WEN's services.

With Financial Coaching, each woman has access to a coach who will meet the woman where she is at when she enters the program. Her goals will take priority in the one-on-one meetings with the coach providing support, direction, and technical assistance where needed. Financial literacy workshops are provided to each class concerning budgeting, credit reporting and identity theft. Women have achieved great success through this process including increased credit scores, decreased debt and more money saved towards their goals.

The Women's Employment Network was designated as a Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Financial Opportunity Center (FOC) in November of 2013. As a Financial Opportunity Center, WEN provides the bundled services of employment coaching, financial coaching and income supports. To learn more, download the FOC brochure, Building Your Financial Future.

Financial Coaching is a free service that is available to clients of the Women's Employment Network, the Women's Business Center as well as community members.

To contact a Financial Coach, click here.

Financial Resources

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